Evita Varela

Doula, Biologist, Neuroscientist

Conceive with joy.

Birth in peace and power.

Parent in ease.

Berlin and online

What difference will you see in your life?

When you’re anxious about where and how to birth, I’ll be there to assist you to make the right decision for YOU. I accompany birth at any setting.

When your fear rises up in birth, I’ll be there to ease that and champion you to have the birth you envision.

When people may gaslight you and minimize your feelings

as you narrate your birth story, I’ll listen to you with openness and without judgement.

When you have one million questions about choices in motherhood, I’ll be there with empathy and evidence-based information to take the weight off your shoulders.

Let’s work together

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Fertility sessions (50€/hour), accompanying you in your journey while trying to conceive and going through IVF

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Birth and postpartum doula (full accompaniment in pregnancy, birth and postpartum), starting at 1500€. See details here

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Tell your birth story, find peace (one or two 2-hour sessions, 50€/hour)

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MotherCircle (8-week journey in the hidden arc of motherhood

in an online group, 222€)

I offer my doula services in-person in Berlin

(for parts of the year also in Zurich and in Athens) and online.

My story

My body has been the greatest teacher around bliss, loss, grief and personal power.

I have experienced miscarriages, infertility, amenorrhea, IVF, and I have also given birth to a wonderful daughter.

Early in my teenage years I was diagnosed with PCOS. I have gone through numerous medical exams, ultrasounds, hormonal treatments and recently, IVF.

I integrated these deeply transformative experiences and I guide women and families through them with openness and compassion.

My experience as a researcher in Biology and Neuroscience gives me the foundations to offer evidence-based, scientifically-solid guidance.

I am a citizen of the world (4 countries so far), I speak multiple languages and

I happily raise my creative daughter with my partner following

the respectful, gentle parenting path.

You can birth in power

I experienced a birth with many interventions and I witnessed the absurdity of hospital protocols

(not allowing me to eat, giving oxytocin to speed up birth without offering alternatives, taking the baby directly after birth to a different room without clear signs of distress,

not showing me my placenta).

My birth ended using vacuum and I got a 3rd degree tear.

I was replaying my birth in my mind and feeling sad, disrespected and dispempowered for a long time. I healed thanks to talking with other doulas and being seen within nurturing community.

I felt there should be a better way to birth,

one that leaves no mental and emotional scars

to the birthing person and their family.

That’s why I decided to follow my calling as a doula.

Now, I guide you through an empowering birth and a blissful postpartum.


Bachelor's in Biology (Kapodistriako University of Athens),

Interdisciplinary Master's in Neuroscience (University of Geneva)

Certified Birth and Postpartum Doula (Center for Doula Pathways)

Certified MotherCircle Facilitator (by Kimberly Ann Johnson and Jessica Connolly)

Hands-on, 1-week workshop on fascia touch (Camalo Gaskin, Marcello Windolph)

Childbirth Physiology course (by Midwife Rachel Reed)

Mama Natural Baby Care Course

The complete guide to free birth course (by Emilee Saldaya and Yolande Norris-Clark)

Visual hypnobirthing course (by doula Emma Armstrong)

Seminar attendance on: patient advocacy, placenta remedies

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Happy clients said...

‘I benefited so much from Evita’s compassion, advice, and friendship. Evita made me feel comfortable and confident. She came with me to the hospital registration and was right next to me when I woke up from the C-section. My gratitude simply cannot be measured. She's absolutely in the right field with her knowledge of science and her caring nature.’

-Yvonne (had a cesarean birth due to placenta praevia)

‘Evita is really an angel with lots of love, patience and calmness. She is not only a nice person but also a wonderful doula with lots of techniques which helped me in managing the pain and helped me in dilation and delivering the baby. She supported me from the day we met even before signing the contract.

That shows how committed she is towards her work. I can assure everyone that I would be sharing this journey with her again.

-Monica (had a vaginal birth after c-section in a hospital)

‘Having Evita accompany me throughout pregnancy, labor and the postpartum period has been a true blessing! I am not sure if I would have kept my sanity without her support, especially in the first month after the arrival of my daughter.

Evita was there during labor, respecting my needs, being absolutely discreet, yet powerfully present, and saying the right thing at the right time. During postpartum, her visits filled me with warmth and a feeling of sisterhood - she helped me cook nourishing food, brought everything I needed before I knew what it was, and she provided advice and support around the clock.’

-Georgia (had a waterbirth in a birth center)

Deep in her heart, every woman knows she can birth

in autonomy and power.

Let’s support her!

And may every woman's birth be her badge of strength

and wisdom.

My values






My methods

Active listening


(fascia touch, massage, rebozo)

Meditation, visualizations

Evidence-based childbirth education

My languages

Greek, English, French, German, Spanish

Do: conceiving with joy,

birthing in peace and power, parenting in ease and meeting yourself sound like your goals?


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